Portrait of Kim Jung Gi

  • I am honored to present this portrait of the amazing artist Kim Jung Gi. asked Kim Jung Gi while we’re at THU if could take create his portraitand he enthusiastically agreed. It saddened me to hear the new of his passing only a few short days later. I hope that Kim would have been proud of this finished portrait. Kim decided his pose of pointing towards us, perhaps it was one of his final messages, I like to believe that it was a message for us to look within and believe in ourselves, that it is our turn to step into our potential. 
    Thank you Kim Jung Gi, you are a legend and inspiration to us all.

    Kim Jung Gi was modelled and textured in Maya and Mudbox, no scans were used, it was rendered with V-Ray, and the hair is created with X-Gen. The workflow was using GPU RTX rendering, I used 2 RTX 6000 graphic cards from Nvidia to help render on a Lenovo workstation.