Portrait of Erica

  • This is a Portrait of Erica, she insisted that I had to include her dog Carmine into it. This is the first portrait I have done with an animal in which was quite a challenge.
    The concept of the piece is based on the Ambassadors painting done by Hans Holbein the Younger which has multiple meanings behind it, from the colors to the skull.
    Lenovo and NVIDIA supported me with this portrait, I used their quadro P6000 graphic cards and a Lenovo workstation which allowed me to use GPU rendering, it quickened the speed in which I was able to make iterations and make adjustments. I want to thank V-Ray Chaos Group for their ongoing support with my work too.
    Modeled in Maya and Mudbox, textured in Mudbox and Photoshop, hair was done with X-Gen, skin details were assisted with XYZ textures, Rendered with V-Ray, and touch ups in Photoshop.