Portrait of Scott Eaton

  • The Portrait of Scott Eaton, The Master of Anatomy. Scott has always been a huge inspiration for me to become a portrait artist, learning from his anatomy classes has helped me get to where I am today. I am lucky to have become good friends with him and I am pleased that he let me do his portrait. And yes he did give a a few anatomy revisions once I showed him the final image smiley
    Since Scott has chosen anatomy as a career I thought it was suitable that he holds a skull, not just any skull but his own skull in his hands. I did a reverse forensics from his head to create the skull.
    I did nearly all the workflow using GPU which allowed me to get fast results and more iterations. I used Nvidia’s graphic cards and a Lenovo workstation. All done with V-Ray Next.
    Modeled/Textured in Maya and Mudbox, hair was done with X-Gen, skin details were assisted with Texturingxyz and their Multi Channel maps, Rendered with V-Ray Next, and touch ups in Photoshop.